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You service the customer, we’ll service the car. Having the right car at the right time is critical for your company’s success. A hassle free rental experience is the key to customer loyalty and retention. Execution in fleet utilization, efficient new car stock preparation, maintaining high productivity benchmarks, and exceptional quality scores are essential to exceeding your customer’s rental transaction expectations.

Staffing a rental car company demands a true understanding within your industry. Cavalry’s team comes from your industry helping our solutions mean more to you.


  • Fleet Delivery- Maximizing a shared or set fleet is paramount for any location/region to exceed their utilization goals. Achieving this takes a delicate balance and understanding of each specific market logistical nuances. Cavalry combines its 20 plus years of experience within 30 of the top 40 airport locations with customized metric systems and a tailored rental car suite of technology tools to assist maximizing your utilization objectives.
  • New Car Preparation- Having any vehicle sit on your lot costs you money; every day counts. Cavalry has created a unique blend of preparing the vehicles followed by moving them to where they can generate revenue quickly. Our program begins from when the vehicle arrives and ends at delivery for its first rental by the same work group.
  • Car Cleaning Services- Car prepping is the backbone of any location. Having a good, clean, quality car at the right time affects all aspects of a customer’s experience. Maintaining production thresholds without sacrificing car quality has always been every location’s common goal. Cavalry understands this unique combination and reduces learning curves, increases efficiencies with distinctive production metrics, and uses customized KPI reporting for each location.
  • Bussing Operations– Achieving the correct interval is only half of Cavalry’s program. We know that bus drivers are the first and last impression of your location. Cavalry implements a customized bump system specific to your unique logistical obstacles with a tailored training program to overcome customer objections while elevating customer retention.

Additional areas we support include Lot Attendants, Customer Service Agents, Return Agents, Rental Agents, and Administrative positions.

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