Hospital Employer Competitive Advantages

Our people come trained and ready to work: Client-site and off-site training including a specialized focus on duvets and room set-up, safety training, and guest interaction etiquette testing and training all prepare our people to be more successful faster.

We have industry best insurance coverage: Excess Liability Umbrella, General Aggregate, Commercial General Liability per Occurrence, Professional Liability, Hired and Non-Owned Auto Liability, and more.

Compliance: Background screening including BCI/FBI fingerprinting, drug testing, Titers, TB testing, OFAC, OIG, Sex Offender Registry, True Court, E-Verify, and more.

Paperless timekeeping-No paper timecard hassles! Biometric fingerprinting or wireless timekeeping eliminates signing, verifying, copying, faxing, and filing a paper timecard.

Real-time knowledge of staff whereabouts- From your PC you will have a snapshot view of who is supposed to be here and is here, not here, on break or lunch.

Our 11 step selection process: Includes behavioral interviewing, testing, safety, patient interaction and professionalism measuring, background screening, and more.

Account Support Layers: District Manager oversees account, Account Manager is main point of contact, Staff Recruiters recruit and comply, Executive involvement, Administrative team, and on-site ability.

Retention: An 11 step selection process, mandatory two Month 1 employee surveys, exit interviews, benefits, performance/retention bonuses, and pay cards all help contribute to better retention

Cavalry Staffing

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